Digital Enablement

Expand Online Sales Channels & Maximize Revenue

Packable offers a full suite of digital solutions to support DTC and marketplace enablement activities delivering best-in-class online experiences.

Selling DTC is a challenge. You need to consider all of the various digital sales channels and have a presence everywhere your customers shop. We can quickly establish your presence across the marketplace ecosystem or help expand and improve your current presence.  Packable facilitates connections between brands and consumers to convert online product sales.

Case Study

Packable Helps Build
Digitally Native Brands


A digitally native brand was seeking to expand its digital presence and gain entry to big box retailers.


Packable provided strategic guidance and dedicated labor to launch a DTC website, targeted sampling and increased SKU offerings, collaborate on creating new products/line extensions and expand beyond the US to Canada and the UK.


Over a four year period, Packable helped grow sales from under $50,000 per year to nearly $6 million annually and helped the brand gain entry to Target.

Year on year uplift
Increased revenue
Brand Awareness

How it Works

Packable can help grow your online business with the capability to support scaling and transformation of your brand into a powerhouse.

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Step 1

Contact Packable to discuss your needs and our solutions.

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Step 2

Packable will provide you with a customized proposal and rate card for all of your digital and marketplace management needs.

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Step 3

You ship your products to Packable and we see it through to the finish line.

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Step 4

Packable utilizes its dedicated marketplace management team to create and update product listings that are optimized to be seen and purchased. We plug your products into our engine that has over 1.2 million Amazon reviews, FBA and WFS storage that simplifies nationwide product storage and favorable shipping rates. With a Seller Fulfilled Prime Badge we also have the ability to reach all of Amazon's Prime customers directly from our warehouse which provides several advantages.