Fulfillment and Logistics

Seamless Solutions for all your Fulfillment Needs

Whether you need DTC orders fulfilled the same day or serve thousands of big box retail stores – Packable customizes its solutions for you.

We understand the challenge and complexities of growing a brand and have built out fulfillment and logistics solutions that have the ability to scale with your business.  We seek to alleviate pain points and keep products flowing through the supply chain from beginning to end.

Case Study

Packable Scaled a Large CPG
Partner Seeking to Expand its
Digital US Presence


A large CPG was seeking a strategic partner to exponentially increase its digital presence in the United States. It sought to protect its brand equity while improving customer experience.


Packable deployed a customized solution that: utilized a collaborative team effort to solidify a marketing plan, analyzed unit economics to create bundles and pack size variations; expanded product offerings across dedicated brand DTC websites and Amazon and other marketplaces; and employed a competitive Amazon Prime eligibility strategy.


Packable was able to help grow this large CPGs online business from $7 million in Year 1 to over $60 million in Year 4. That's 800% growth!

Year on year uplift
Increased revenue

How it Works

Packable can help grow your online business with the capability to support all of your order fulfillment and logistical needs.

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Step 1

Contact Packable to discuss your needs and our solutions.

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Step 2

Packable will provide you with a customized proposal and rate card for all of your digital and marketplace management needs.

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Step 3

You ship your products to Packable and we see it through the finish line.

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Step 4

Packable utilizes state-of-the-art warehousing and logistics to carefully flow products through its network and to its final destination.